According to the ISSF requirements of December 8, 2021

As you know, compliance with and implementation of anti-doping rules and anti-doping education programs are two major components of the fight against doping in sport and ISSF (International Shooting Federation) and FSNT (National Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova ) undertakes to fulfill its responsibilities in respect of both.


Article 20.3 of the World Anti-Doping Code imposes on the ISSF the responsibility to require that, as a condition of accession, the policies, rules and programs of its national federations and their members be in accordance with the International Code and Standards and take appropriate action. to impose such compliance.

As the new World Anti-Doping Code and ISSF Anti-Doping Rules enter into force in January 2021, each federation must have Regulations or provisions in the Statute of the Federation stating that the National Federation and its members recognize and agree to comply with the anti-doping rules of the ISSF, as well as those of the WADA (world anti-doping agency), ANAD (national anti-doping agency). 

Article 20.3 of the Code highlights various other requirements that the ISSF must impose on its national federations as a condition of quality – see Article 20.3 2021_wada_code.pdf (

The National Shooting Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova must ensure that it complies with its obligations under the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules and the World Anti-Doping Code, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Include in the regulations the provisions necessary to ensure that the ISSF can apply its Anti-Doping Rules against any shooting athlete – including national athletes;
  • Establish rules by which all athletes and support staff for athletes and federation employees agree and comply with the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules;
  • Cooperation with all investigations related to an anti-doping rule violation or a possible anti-doping rule violation;
  • Conducting anti-doping education in coordination with national anti-doping organizations and the ISSF;
  • Establishing disciplinary rules to prevent support staff from athletes who use banned substances without a valid justification to provide support to athletes under the authority of the ISSF or the National Federation;
  • There should be rules to deter attacks against the athlete or other people who report anti-doping violations.

All these provisions and rules are approved by the National Shooting Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova. All athletes as well as the International Shooting Federation (ISSF) will be notified of compliance with international anti-doping requirements.

Based on the importance of cooperation in the fight against doping, the Federation and the National Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Moldova have concluded a collaboration agreement which provides the following:

  • The Federation will ensure the necessary conditions, and ANAD undertakes to perform doping control services for athletes from the Republic of Moldova in competition and out of sports competitions, in accordance with the National Testing Plan, based on risk assessment;
  • The Federation, in agreement with ANAD, undertakes to take measures to prevent doping for athletes and the assisting staff of athletes;
  • The Federation recognizes the authority of ANAD regarding the organization and conduct of doping controls at the national level.

Thus, according to the mandatory requirements of the ISSF and compliance with the ANAD agreement:

“National Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova” and all its members, employees, athletes and staff will agree and be obliged to respect, without exception, the anti-doping rules ISSF, (National Anti-Doping Agency, Regional Anti-Doping Organizations / RADO, National Olympic and Sports Committee / CNOS) Anti-doping regulations, World Anti-Doping Code and all international standards.

The “National Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova” agrees to support the ISSF to comply with and comply with all the requirements of Article 20.3 of the World Anti-Doping Code.


Within the National Shooting Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova, measures have been taken to implement the anti-doping program, including disseminated requirements, distributed online materials / brochures, joint educational seminars with ANAD and completed statements by athletes participating in the program. competitive. Adjustments to the paragraphs of the statute and the publication of information on the portal of the official website of the federation aimed at coaches, athletes to inform and educate at national level about mandatory and essential anti-doping measures.

National Shooting Sports Federation – signs the collaboration agreement with ANAD and presents it to the MEC (Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova) to demonstrate adaptation to doping-free requirements in sports.

Article 18.8 of the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules provides for the National Federations to conduct anti-doping education in coordination with the National Anti-Doping Organizations (ANAD).

Therefore, at this time, the National Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova (FSNT) nominated coach Tatiana MOLDOVAN as a delegate from the federation responsible for anti-doping education (“Anti-Doping Education Officer”).

Pursuant to Article 18.8 of the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules, we strongly encourage you to contact Ms. Tatiana MOLDOVAN, Anti-Doping Officer, directly so that you can obtain educational materials as well as consult the following web portals and materials:


We encourage athletes and coaches from the National Shooting Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova to register with ADEL.

ADEL is an online anti-doping platform that offers interactive and informative educational modules for all those involved in sports. It should be considered that the completion of ADEL modules should be mandatory for every athlete and coach of the shooting federation in the Republic of Moldova. Educational modules are available in different languages.

We hope that every Coach, Member of the Bureau, Administration, Sportsman will play an active role in the education of our athletes, so that we can all promote education based on health and values ​​and avoid accidental violation of anti-doping rules.


Thanks for your cooperation,

President: Anatolii SCACODUB

Secretary General: Constantin DAVID

Anti-Doping Officer: Tatiana MOLDOVAN


FSNT thanks you for your cooperation and commitment to a doping-free sport.

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