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We offer training opportunities, professional training and recreational shooting for fans of this sport. Here you will find coaches support, tradition, security and performance.

The traditions of this sport are from 1948, the founders and leading figures in shooting sport's is H.E. Diacenco B. S., Donik D.M. The Moldovan athletes have won medals and represent us internationally, we can metion: Parsian L. S., Bogomilskii, Vâsoţkii V., Poleac B., Oganean M., Fedorov I., Iacunin A., Moldovan O., Turcan S., Nazarenco G., Lysoconi G. and others.
It is a proud to mention some of our coaches: Parsian A. G., Crijevschii V. E., Ermacicov O. P., Smirneaghin G. V., Simon N. G., Mocrieva S. D.
The latest results of our athletes make us to look in the future with optimism. Silver medal at the Olympics Games in 2000 - Moldovan Oleg; 6 - th place at Olympics Games in 1996 - Genadiy Lysoconi; World Champions of 1994 - Anatolie, Alexandr Corovai and Vieru V.; medalist at the European Championship in 2003, 2005 - Valeriu Negreba.
It must be highlighted the beautiful results of our athlete in trap shooting event - Bacov Alexandr.

”Together we can do more for sport” - Arcadie Bostan - President of the Shooting Federation of the R. Moldova

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“Sport must be supported not only for medals but also for the nation's health and education, and for the image of the country abroad” - Nicolae Juravschi

We are the members of Federation, we practice shooting.

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