National Championship Republic of Moldova Trap, Skeet

The Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova, informs you, regarding organising “National Championship of the Republic of Moldova”  SKEET discipline, TRAP according to the program:

September 3-05, 2021 – SKEET discipline (plates)
September 10-12, 2021 – TRAP discipline (plates).

Purpose and objectives

Promotion of shooting in the Republic of Moldova.
Fulfilling the sports norms, the scales of participation in International Competitions. Improving sports skills, gaining competitive experience.
Selection of the strongest athletes for participation in International Competitions, selection of the National Team.
Strengthening relations between athletes, sports clubs, sports federations and promoting shooting in the Republic of Moldova internationally.
The period and place of the competitions

The competitions will take place at the “SVSP” Polygon in Chisinau.


Athletes from the TRAP / SKEET plate disciplines – FTRM members will participate in the “National Championship of the Republic of Moldova” competition in Tir.


The “National Championship of the Republic of Moldova” in Shooting is organized by the Shooting Federation with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

The direct conduct of competitions is the responsibility of the Main Board of Referees approved by the Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

Conditions for participation

Athletes who are members of shooting clubs are admitted to the “National Championship of the Republic of Moldova” in Shooting; members of the federation, athletes who know the ISSF regulations and who respect the safety technique on the shooting ranges.

At the entrance to the shooting range will be placed in an established place antiseptic hand processing solution.

Taking into account the provisions of the Extraordinary National Commission for Public Health, Decision no. 21 of July 24, 2020 (and subsequent updates) all measures will be taken to conduct sports competitions, held indoors / open by the Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, without or with spectators, in compliance with public health measures, the Instruction on measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Registration and validation conditions

Confirmation of participation in the competition is submitted to the Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova between September 10, 2021, until 15:00, delegate, main referee Ion Savca, with the following contact details: email: Ion Savca (electricity @ mail .ru), tel./fax: 069127597.

Competition program (see attached RULES for conducting competitions)

Regulament Campionatul National Skeet 2021

Regulament Campionatul National Trap 2021

The “National Championship of the Republic of Moldova” in Tire will take place in accordance with the ISSF TIR regulation approved by the International Federation and the FTRM.

Reward conditions

The winners and winners of each event are awarded diplomas from the Republic of Moldova.


Complaints may be accepted for the duration of the competitions. The members of the College of Arbitrators, who are also members of the disciplinary commission, will take into account all complaints and these will be resolved in the light of ISSF and FTRM regulations.

This regulation serves as an invitation to the competition.


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