Rules and reports

Moldova Shooting Federation is governed and compliant with ISSF International Shooting Federation, the European Shooting Confederation ESC and other Laws and Regulations Relating to the work of the Federation, Associations, etc. To Comply with Legislation and the proper functioning current, Federation is working with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova and the National Olympic Committee and Sports of RM.

Regulation and important laws:

Statutes – Statutul Federației de Tir din Republica Moldova – Pentru descărcare faceți click pe link
Shooting Calendar 2016
Fiscal declaration, income tax Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova 2015
Concise report on sport activity of Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova for 2015
Registry certificate of Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova
ISSF Rules – Regulamentul ISSF ediția 2015 actualizată
Arms and Ammunition Act with civil destination – Legea armelor și munițiilor cu destinație civilă
Law on weapons – Legea cu privire la arme

General Police Inspectorate calls for users to be responsible and meet weapons safety requirements in the application and compliance with safety rules to avoid any incidents or crimes. - IGP, 24 decembrie 2014

Safety precautions regarding the handling of firearms:

1. Handle every weapon as if it were loaded, even if you are sure it is unloaded. A weapon must always be considered loaded and ready to fire until the shooter personally ensure the contrary, by removing the charger and drive sleeve to empty the chamber and finds no cartridge in the chamber.
2. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard, namely the extension of the trigger guard until you are in front of the target with the intention to shoot. The finger should be placed next to pull the trigger guard and not the trigger. Shooter finger is on the trigger only when gun is pointed at the target.
3. Never point the gun to any person, but only to the target. The weapon should never be directed by a person during handling. A shot involuntarily be taken into consideration at any time.
4. Consider both target and what is behind it or in close proximity. Identify the target, which is in front, side and behind it. Please note that any bullet left in your gun stops somewhere. Make sure you are not the target behind obstacles that may favor of rebound.
5. Do not use weapons within less than eight hours after having consumed alcohol, drugs or hallucinogens. These may affect their judgment or ability to handle a gun safely reduce the capacity of attention and limited motor functions.
6. Uncharge and store corectly weapon when you’re not in the situation to use it. With an operational gun, not a gunshot occurs only after an inadvertent human error.