David Constantin


General Secretary of FTRM, practicing shooting from 18 years. Multiple National Champion of Romania and Moldova. Over 33 medals including 15 national championship title of Moldova and 6 Romanian National Champion titles. Participant in several World Championships, World Cups, European Championships.

The sport has began to practice it under the guidance of club Politehnica Iasi, first coach Rodica Apetroaie, then under the guidance of coach Vyacheslav Krijevschi in Moldova, Chisinau. The main competitions attended:
World Championship Barcelona 1998, European Championship ARNHEM 1999, World Cup MILAN 1999, World Cup MUNICH 1999, World Championship LAHTI 2002, European Championship 2002, World Cup MUNICH 2003, World Cup MILAN 2005, World Cup MUNICH 2005, World Championship ZAGREB 2006, European DEAUVILLE Championship in 2007.

Mr. David Constantin has a PhD in economics, studied in Romania, Moldova and Greece.
Currently devotes part of his time in shooitng, actively contributing to the development and promotion of sport in Moldova.

“A good athlete is that athlete who has attitude, respect colleagues, coaches, is diligent and practice a healthy lifestyle. Proliferate sporting values ​​and sets goals to be achieved. All of these can contribute to won medals, respect and satisfaction of own life”. - Secretar General David Constantin