Air Cup “Shooting for All” 2020-2021 / CENTRAL SPORTS CLUB ARMY CHAMPIONSHIP – 2020

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It has become a good tradition to host the CSKA Championship in early November (06-08.11.20). The competitions were held in bullet shooting from pneumatic weapons pistol and rifle, in four age categories – adults, youth, youths and cadets in accordance with the international rules of bullet shooting, as well as according to the government decree in connection with the pandemic, all norms were observed to preserve the health of athletes, coaches and judges. These competitions have been added to the parallel competition in the online competition 2020-2021 ESC Air Cup “Shooting for all” (European Sports Confederation).

Results:  Proces Verbal Campionatul CSCA : Air Cup Shooting For All 2020-2021

Results: “Shooting for All 2020-2021” II – stage: Shooting For All – 2 etapa 

Rezultate, proces verbal: Air Cup Shooting for All 2020-2021, III etapă: Shooting for All AIR CUP III stage – CUPA RM 2021

The winners in these competitions are:

Category SIlver Gold Bronze
Pistol 60 men DONȚOV ALEXANR        Tiraspoli  ȘS ALFERIN ANDREI        Chișinău  CSCA MOLDOVAN NICHITA Chișinău CSPLN
Pistol 60 women ROTARI  ECATERINA  Chișinău CSPLN NAHTIGALI SVETLANA Tiraspoli  ȘS SPIVAC ILONA            Tiraspoli  ȘS
Rifle 60 women VERDEŞ ALEXANDRA Chișinău CSPLN DOGOTER  IULEA         Chișinău  CSCA CERTAN  ANDREEA Chișinău  CSCA
Rifle 60 men ALEXANDROV ILIE         Chișinău DINAMO DAVID  CONSTANTIN Chișinău  ȘSRO
Pistol 60 junior men UȘANLΠ KIRILL                Chișinău CSPLN LEONTEANU  DANIEL Chișinău  CSCA POPOV DENIS              Tiraspoli  ȘS
Pistol 60 junior women DULCE ANA                       Chișinău    DINAMO CURTEANU  DIANA      Chișinău  ȘSRO TOMACU  VALERIA  Chișinău  ȘSRO
Rifles 60 junior men UȘANLΠ KAZIMIR            Chișinău  ȘSRO ESMANCIUC ALEXANDR Chișinău  CSCA PINTILII  VADIM       Chișinău CSCA
Pistol 40 junior men CHISELI   TIMUR                      Bălți ȘS -1 CUZMICIOV  MAXIM   Chișinău  ȘSRO BANCOV  MAXIM      Tiraspoli  ȘS
Pistol 40 junior women NICHITIUC   LIUBOVI            Bălți ȘS -1 ȚAULEAN MIȘELI                Bălți ȘS -1 BLIDARI  MARIA        Chișinău  CSCA
Pistol 20 junior II men SPĂTARU  ANDREI          Chișinău  CSCA VIOARĂ  CONSTANTIN Chișinău  CSCA ȘOVA VASILII              Chișinău DINAMO

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the CSKA management for their support in holding the competition, as well as to all the judges for their good refereeing and, of course, to the participants in the competition. Dear athletes, do it, achieve high results, respect, love not only your coaches and, most importantly, the sport to which you have dedicated yourself'”.

Antrenor Lot National Tir

Svetlana Mokrieva – coach of the CSKA club, 





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